The Real State of Social Media 2012

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The Social Media Echo Chamber
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Can you say echo-chamber?

Sure it’s fun to be part of the social me-too crowd.

You may even find a semblance of success if you’re better at regurgitating what thousands of others have already said… But its not going to set you apart from the noise.

It’s not going to establish something unique and powerful. It’s not going to shape anything. It’s just going to add to the great noise channel that has become the social web.

Dare to be different; do work that’s meaningful

We’re all guilty of adding to the noise at some point, but that does not mean that you can’t grow and move past it.

Make 2013 the year of breakout for those powerful words that dwell in the center of your being. Stop being afraid of what other people will think.

Nothing great has ever been accomplished by weakness or fear. Great bodies of work are established by directly and purposefully confronting your fears.

If you haven’t tried it, you should; it’s liberating.

You won’t get anywhere in life giving anything power over what you do and what you say. You need to proudly shout those things that your truly passionate about from the rooftops. Not everybody is going to listen or like what you have to say, but those who matter will.

I’m not saying you have to be controversial, although if that’s what it takes, step out and go against the grain, or popular belief. Don’t get me wrong, nobody likes an asshole; but speak your mind for goodness-sake!

It’s the only thing that can separate you from the noise and establish something that stands out from the crowd.

The future of the social web

That’s ultimately where the future of social media must go and precisely where your head needs to be moving forward.

While I love, respect, and adore those folks I learn from everyday on the social web, it’s not the end all… It’s just beginning.

The qualification for being somebody worth listening to is to bring something of value to the table that’s original.

Not a mind-blowing concept here, but certainly something that is lacking in the social media circus.

Being part of the popular crowd is cool; however, bringing some meaningful ideas and concepts to the table that shapes an industry is even cooler.

Reliving your high school days through the social media isn’t going to add value to your life or your business.

The social chatter is going to die down eventually. It’s unsustainable.

Why? Because there is zero value in it. More than that, it’s sucking value from it.

Those people who have the ability to contribute substantive thoughts to the social web will be the only ones standing when the dust settles.

What is this value I speak of?

It’s information, ideas and concepts wrapped in your own real world experience and vision.

There’s power in this vs. regurgitating watered down versions of someone else’s real world experience and vision.

Have you ever seen a dog throw up and then eat it? YUK!

Well it’s widespread on the social web right now.

Stop following the crowd; start leading the revolution.

Stop procrastinating and thinking about the impact you could have and get busy doing it!

It’s time to break out your own unique can of whoop-ass and impact the industry.

It needs it. I’s hungry for it. And it’s going to happen with or without you and I.

Dare to say something different.

Dare to say anything at all.

Just don’t regurgitate the noise that’s keeping the social web in diapers.

Need a little inspiration?

AJ LeonAJ Leon, World Changer

Sometimes all it takes are the right words, read and received at the right time, that can literally elevate your game overnight.

AJ Leon is someone who repeatedly writes inspiring world-changing words;

“When we lift up the lid, when we examine the construct, the essence of how the Universe itself works, we can take comfort in the fact that the world itself, although possessed by heavy machinery, is a stage set for the small to win.”

You can check out this awesome blog post here: “Amazing Things Will Indeed Happen”

So, are you ready to make 2013 your breakout year?

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