How Accountability In Leadership Can Land You A Promotion

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When it comes to your career, most people desire to achieve a promotion and continue to climb the corporate ladder. Most individuals are not content where they are and want to achieve more in their career, and proving that you have leadership skills is one of the best ways to earn that promotion.

But you can’t just be able to take command of a room and expect your boss to notice. If you truly want to earn a promotion, you have to prove that you have accountable leadership skills.

Accountable leadership means creating a team.

The biggest mistake that most people make when trying to prove their leadership skills is solely taking command of a group. They may work with a team, but these individuals are more about making themselves look good in the process and being there to only dole out responsibilities. This is not the trait of an accountable leader.

An accountable leader knows and believes that goals cannot be achieved by one person, but instead need the help of a group. Accountable leaders hand out responsibilities to their team members in order for the group as a whole to reach a goal. These individuals are accountable for their own portion of the project, and they know that if they drop the ball, their entire team will fail.

Accountable leadership means creating attainable goals.

Accountable leaders are smart, and they don’t set their team up for failure. Accountable leaders create goals that can be reached by their team, and they dole out responsibilities in a smart way so that their team members can truly reach their part of the goal.

When every member of the team is able to succeed, it makes the entire group as a whole look good. This builds confidence and ensures that goals are met. When leaders dish out projects to team members knowing full well that the job will not get done appropriately or on time, this leader is setting his or her team up for failure, and that’s not a desirable quality.

Accountable leadership means taking responsibility.

Every leader wants to succeed, but sometimes the hard work you and your team put into something will not have the positive outcome you hoped for. An accountable leader will be right there to face the consequences of the failure, and he or she will not throw another team member under the bus or blame someone else for the team’s failure.

So how does all this help you get a promotion?

When you’re an accountable leader, you’re showing your employer that you can do more than just take command. Sure, your employer wants someone that can be in control and take the reins, but they also want someone who’s not afraid to roll up their sleeves and do some work.

As an accountable leader, you’re able to see the end result of the project and direct responsibilities to the right people in order to achieve the goal—and you’re also giving a portion of that responsibility to yourself. You’re not giving the entire project to others and sitting back while they work. You’re being hands on, and when the project is successful, you’re there to reward your team with the success. And if the project were to fail, you’re there to claim the consequences as well, and those are desirable qualities.

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James Miller has worked in business management for more than a decade. James is often called upon to assist in employee training sessions that teach leadership, accountability and motivation.


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